Friday, 3 September 2010

Kick Up The Fire – Kick Up The Fire EP (You And Whose Army? Records)

This debut mini-album from London based four piece Kick Up The Fire is the first release from You And Whose Army? records in several years. Having formed from the remains of various other bands such as Johnny Truant and Down I Go, this is definitely a band with experience and this shows in their song writing: Each track on this short but sweet album has its own place, whether it’s the Franz Ferdinand style disco rock of ‘Cocktails and Gold,’ the almost Chili Peppers-esque bass driven rock of ‘Because of You’ or the At The Drive-In sounding opening track ‘These Canvas Shoes.’ Every song is full of hooks and sure to get stuck in your head. Thom Wicks’ vocals are strong and precise, and every now and then he throws vocal lines back and forth with Alan Booth which adds another dimension to the band. Add to that the very polished and bold sound of the rest of the instruments and what comes out is high energy and very strong. 

Kick Up The Fire have given the world an idea of what they are capable of with this mini-album, and I personally am looking forward to hearing what they do next. 7/10


  1. Man, When I saw this band the lead vocal was Kenny Wastell with Thom leading on No Hotel Room. Have you mixed up somewhere???

  2. From the research I did and notes I was given as far as I'm aware all names are correct... however if you know something I don't then I'm happy to edit as needed.