Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Amongst The Pigeons – Repeat to fade (Marowak Records)

Right from the off Amongst The Pigeons’ use off ‘found sounds’ is evident: Opening song ‘Mocha To Go’ uses audio recorded at Belfast Airport to create the backdrop for this dark and intense start to the EP. It’s the perfect opening for what is to come, almost an “are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…” type of track. It settles you in your seat ready for the fifteen minutes of lo-fi electronica that follows. That’s not to say that the EP lacks energy, it is in fact very powerful and energetic at times. However it doesn’t make you want to dance around the room - it’s the sort of thing you could stick on after a night out and relax to.

The influences in the music are very obvious, weird break beats like Aphex Twin, deep house moments like Orbital and spoken word and synth pads like Art of Noise. But it doesn’t sound like any of those artists, it sounds very unique. Maybe it’s down to its simplicity, or maybe it’s because Amongst The Pigeons is like a culmination of all of those influences rather than just one or the other. Either way, ‘Repeat to fade’ is a brilliantly interesting EP. 9/10

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